C02 – Co-deformation of intermetallic-metallic composites

PI: Sandra Korte-Kerzel (IMM RWTH Aachen University)

SFB researchers: Lukas Berners (IMM RWTH Aachen University)

Dr. Muhammad Zubair (IMM RWTH Aachen University, now Assistant Prof. @UET Lahore)

In project C02 the mechanical properties of Mg-Al-Ca alloys with varying chemical compositions are analysed by means of tensile testing, nano indentation and micropillar compression. The microstructure of the alloys, which are composed of a soft Mg matrix and a hard skeleton of intermetallic Laves phase, is characterised by means of SEM, EDS, EBSD and TEM. We also use A.I. to obtain statistical information on active deformation mechanisms across a large area. In our project, we aim to find out more about the co-deformation mechanisms between the hard Laves phases and the soft matrix. Especially we want to learn how defect phases in the composing phases as well as in the interface can influence the deformation behaviour. Therefore, our experiments are performed at variable temperature and strain rate and for different microstructural morphologies.



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