C04 – Combinatorial Microstructure Design

PI: Prof. Dr.-Ing Hauke Springer

SFB researcher: Nadia Ayeb, M.Sc.

The motivation of this project is to complement the concept of the CRC for the design of novel materials. We follow a twofold approach to provide the basis for the use of a derived atomistic understanding of the relationships between microstructure and properties of bulk solids. (i) Combinatorial high-throughput screening of Mg-rich corner of the Mg-Al-Ca diagram to identify the effect of chemical composition and solidification rate for optimal material performance and verification of Calphad predictions. (ii) Knowledge-based microstructure design in close interaction with other projects within the CRC for realizing complex microstructures and validating the underlying theory-based predictions.
The influence of variation in the solidification rate and chemical composition is investigated by combinatorial casting of Mg alloys into a multi-step mould. A basic microstructure characterization is conducted by optical and scanning electron microscopy. The resulting mechanical properties are screened by hardness tests. Identified hot-spots for changes in properties are investigated in higher detail and resolution and guide the probing of relevant changes of underlying mechanisms and defect phases. The obtained relationships and causalities between synthesis parameters, the resultant microstructural features, and mechanical properties provide the basis for maturation towards industrial production and technical application at a later stage.